iOS 9 is now on a whopping 75 percent of Apple devices

iOS 9 is now on a whopping 75 percent of Apple devices
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iOS 9 has been touted as the “fastest adopted iOS version ever,” with adoption hitting 50 percent only a week after it was released in September 2015.

NScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.49.16 AMow it’s hit a new high-water mark as Apple has quietly updated its developer page, pegging adoption at more than 75 percent of all devices. Just 18 percent of devices are left on iOS 8, and 7 percent on earlier versions.

Unlike earlier versions of iOS, Apple focused on making the latest update easier to install for iPhone and iPad owners with low amounts of storage, such as the iPhone 5c with 8 GB of space.

It also emphasised that it’d work well on devices all the way back to the iPhone 4S, which was released in 2011, and delivered sought after features like Battery Saver mode.

Mixpanel, a third-party analytics tool, estimates that more than 59 percent of iOS users are on the latest major release, iOS 9.2, which was released in December.

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