There’s a jailbreak for iOS 9, but does anyone care anymore?

There’s a jailbreak for iOS 9, but does anyone care anymore?

Over the last few years, Apple’s adoption of popular features first developed by the jailbreak community has meant less reason to jailbreak your phone.

But, developers have persisted with releasing untethered jailbreaks and today Pangu has announced the first one for iOS 9, which works on 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2.

The jailbreak only works on Windows computers at this time and requires you to disable Find my iPhone and your lockscreen password to succeed.

These days, is there any real reason to jailbreak?

The risks, particularly with the exploits used to jailbreak your phone, could mean your phone is exposed to malware or attack that would usually be caught by Apple — on the other hand, you could install crazy tweaks like this.

Years ago, times were different. NPR’s Invisibilia podcast told the story that a jailbreak exploit once earned more than a million dollars for the person who discovered it.

9to5Mac reports that the jailbreak released today does work, but can require a full restore of your iPhone via iTunes.

Pangu Jailbreak

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