The next-gen Apple TV is reportedly coming this September

12235489394_c0bab532fe_k_Apple by Laineema

In terms of Apple’s hardware offerings, a new version of Apple TV has been like a unicorn in the mist: often talked about, but never seen. The fourth version of Apple TV has been speculated aplenty in the last three (three!) years, but Tim Cook and team have remained silent. Most recently, rumors of a new device, along with an App Store, were heavy around WWDC in June, but again no luck.

Today a report from Buzzfeed says that the Apple TV, App Store and all the trimmings we’ve been waiting for will arrive in September. The new Apple TV will be unveiled along with the latest iPhones, and sport Apple’s A8 chip along with a slimmer look.

The new Apple TV will reportedly feature a control with a touchpad input, and feature Siri on board.

However, the rumored Apple streaming TV service — which is will potentially include content from major networks like ABC, Fox and CBS among other channels — will not be launching along with the hardware. Instead, Apple will be pushing the App Store SDK to encourage developers to create great apps for the device.

This all could be wishful thinking, but it will be nice to finally see what we’ve been waiting for.

Apple Will Debut New Apple TV In September [Buzzfeed]

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