Ex-Apple boss John Sculley blames the board for his firing of Steve Jobs in 1985

Ex-Apple boss John Sculley blames the board for his firing of Steve Jobs in 1985

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wasn’t the only one who found issues with Ashton Kutcher’s recent biopic about Steve Jobs. It turns out that former Apple CEO John Sculley also did not appreciate it, according to Forbes Magazine.

“For those of us who knew him well, [we’re] scratching our heads what they were thinking of when they wrote this movie,” he told Forbes. This led Sculley to launch into an eight-minute explanation about how Steve Jobs got fired from Apple back in 1985 — and the answer to that was: the board.

Apple lured Sculley away from Pepsi in 1983 to lead the company, but he says that the introduction of the second-generation Mac, the Macintosh Office — which was received badly by the public — led to Jobs having a major disagreement with him, after which Sculley went to the board. He says:

I’m always surprised that people never ask the question: how could two individuals like Steve Jobs and I, who were supposedly inseparable — we were together all the time, we were great personal friends — how we could we end up in one of these amazing, celebrated clashes?

I really blame the board… Because I think the board understood Apple before I came, they understood Steve. They knew what my experience was and what it wasn’t. And I really believe there could have been a solution to keep me and Steve working together, because we were really good friends up until that point.

➤ John Sculley Just Gave His Most Detailed Account Ever Of How Steve Jobs Got Fired From Apple [Forbes Magazine]

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