A new version of Apple TV could also be unveiled at the September 10 event

A new version of Apple TV could also be unveiled at the September 10 event

Apple’s September 10 press event is confirmed, and speculation is beyond rife that new iPhones are on the menu — including a potentially landmark mid-range device — but what if the company also launched a new Apple TV set…?

That’s something GigaOm reports as being a very realistic possibility.

Panjiva, a US company that studies global supplies and shipments, claims that recent shipments received by Apple point to a new TV.

Behold, exhibits A, B and C as presented by Panjiva:

  • On August 25th, Apple received a shipment described as “Set Top Box with Communication Function” from BYD Precision Manufacture in Shenzhen, China.
  • On August 18th, Apple received another shipment, again from BYD, described as “Set Top Boxes.”
  • And on August 11th, Apple received its first shipment from BYD of “Set Top Box with Communication Function.”

While Panjiva admits it can’t be exactly sure what the content is, Apple’s TV is long due a refresh. Coupled with the fact that iOS 7 is due for public release this month and that Apple just added a slew of new channels to its TV, that long-awaited product refresh could come at next week’s event.

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Headline image via Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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