Apple’s Dev Center has been down for over 24 hours, keeping developers from downloading SDKs and iOS 7 beta [Update]

Apple’s Dev Center has been down for over 24 hours, keeping developers from downloading SDKs and ...

At 12:51 PM EST yesterday, we noticed that Apple’s Dev Center website had stopped working and was serving a “We’ll be back soon” error. 24 hours later, and nothing has changed.

It’s worth emphasizing that Apple’s developer site still works fine; only the Dev Center is down. If you head to, you get redirected to, which happily tells you “This site is undergoing maintenance for an extended period today. Thanks for your patience.”


It has been down for long enough for the good guys at Hacker News to take notice. The submitter noted the many problems this is causing:

The entire Apple dev center is down. That makes it impossible to download the iOS or Mac SDKs, including the iOS 7 beta. It’s also not possible to provision new devices or update expired certificates. The developer forums are down too, which is somewhat frustrating since that’s the only place we can discuss the still-under-NDA iOS 7.

The most frustrating part out of all of this must be the fact that because the forum is down, the easiest way for developers to discuss common interests and issues is unavailable. That includes being unable to talk about the Dev Center outage.

We have contacted Apple about this issue. We will update this story if we hear back.

Update: Apple has amended its maintenance page to address developer concerns:

We apologize that maintenance is taking longer than expected. If your program membership was set to expire during this period, it has been extended and your app will remain on the App Store. If you have any other concerns about your account, please contact us.


Top Image Credit: Bob Smith

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