Comscore: iPhone 5 pre-ordered almost as many times in 3 days as iPhone 4S sold in a month

Comscore: iPhone 5 pre-ordered almost as many times in 3 days as iPhone 4S sold in a month

Market research company Comscore has released some interesting data today around iPhone 5 pre-orders. According to its info, the iPhone 5 has been pre-ordered 96% as many times in three days as there were iPhone 4S purchases in its first month.

Multiple reasons for the boost were cited by the firm:

  • More people are switching to smartphones now than ever before. 25M more Americans owned a smartphone in July 2012 vs October 2011.
  • Holding out for the iPhone 5. Smartphone sales dropped from Q1 to Q2 as people waited to upgrade. The rumors surrounding the release of an iPhone 5 may have contributed to this.

The majority of pre-orders for the iPhone 5 were again snagged by AT&T, with 68%, followed by Verizon at 24% and Sprint at 8%.

Last year, says Comscore, AT&T’s percentage dropped over the course of the first month of release, so we may see Verizon’s share get bigger and perhaps even Sprint will get a boost.

Apple said that it had received 2M iPhone pre-orders in the first 24 hours after they began last Friday. Despite many people in the tech press translating their desire for radical change into cries that the new iPhone isn’t much of an improvement, people seem to be hot to purchase them after all. Imagine that.

Image Credit: Mario Tama/Getty

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