Rumors of a quad-core iPad 3 with LTE sound reasonable, but in NYC?

Rumors of a quad-core iPad 3 with LTE sound reasonable, but in NYC?

Oh rumor mills, how we love to hate you. The latest of the iPad 3 rumors is floating around today, via CNBC. The news outlet is claiming that the device will be released next week, which isn’t off the mark from what we’ve heard, but it’s saying that we should expect a New York event, instead of Apple’s usual stomping grounds of the Yerba Buena Center in California.

Long-established as Apple’s leak mouthpiece, All Things Digital claimed just a few days ago that Apple would be releasing the next-generation device in early March, but said that it would happen of course in San Francisco as per usual.

If we check the usually-correct sources, Jim Dalryple of The Loop might be giving us a clue along with a denial:

Perhaps what’s being said here is that everything CNBC is reporting is incorrect, or maybe Jim’s being a bit coy. He specifically notes that the location is wrong, but doesn’t say anything about the quad-core or LTE claims.

Apple is rumored to be working on two variants of its A-series processor that could be used in the new iPad 3. One, an ‘A5X’ and another, designated ‘A6’, either of which could be quad-core. Which one of these is, or if either truly are, is still up for debate. One thing that is almost sure though is that it will have increased graphics capabilities to support a high resolution Retina display

Of course, in typical Apple fashion, we won’t know anything for sure until the invitations for the event arrive, and then the event itself happens. But you can rest assured that we here at TNW Apple will be keeping our eyes open to report the news as it happens.

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