Apple moves again to protect its iBrand over driPhone case trademark

Apple moves again to protect its iBrand over driPhone case trademark

Apple has moved again to protect the use of its “i” brand, this time in New Zealand where it is fighting a trademark application for a smartphone case with the name ‘driPhone’, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Created by Hayden Crowther, the driPhone is a durable and waterproof case for a range of different smartphones, but Apple believes that the product name is likely to “deceive or cause confusion” thanks to its similarity to the iPhone brand and has moved to block a trademark request in New Zealand for the term.

Apple has requested that Crowther changes the name of the case to DryPhone, replacing the iconic ‘i’ for a ‘y’, objecting because “the applicant’s trademark, or an essential element of it, is identical or similar to a trademark that is well-known in New Zealand [iPhone]”.

Crowther believes Apple’s complaint holds “little weight” and has refused to rebrand because the driPhone logo takes up less space and, according to reports, would be cheaper to fight Apple’s complaint. He has until April 1 to respond but it is unlikely he will comply.

To further rub salt in the wounds, Crowther plans to register the trademark in the rest of the world.

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