Evernote launches ‘Food’ and ‘Hello’ iPhone apps to catalog meals, people

Evernote launches ‘Food’ and ‘Hello’ iPhone apps to catalog meals, people

Evernote, the company behind the multi-platform note-taking application of the same name, has today announced two knew iPhone applications ‘Food’ and ‘Hello’, designed to make it easier to remember your favourite meals and the people you meet.

Evernote Hello is an app that aims to make exchanging information between contacts as easy as possible, allowing users to record their thoughts and impressions of that person when they meet. Evernote says that when two people meet, they can exchange phones and use Evernote Hello to “quickly create a basic profile within the app”.

The app will then list all of the people you have met in a tiled mosaic that when tapped will detail each and every encounter that you have had with the person you select, delivering the other attendees at that meeting, the location at which you met and any other information you recorded at that time.

Take a photo of that person, add your latest encounter – Evernote Hello will synchronise your meetings with the main Evernote app, making it available on any platform that supports it.

Evernote Food is similar to ‘Hello’ but instead of cataloging the people you have met, it lists your favourite meals and food experiences. Users of Evernote Food can take photos of their meal, record the location where they enjoyed their meal, add text and captions.

Evernote believes Evernote Food will be perfect for those that travel, wish to remember recipes or people that simply want to track what they eat.

Again, the app syncs all of your food data back to the main app, ready for you to enjoy it on your other devices.

Check back for our full review of both apps, which we will post once we have taken them for a spin.

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