China takes iPhone supplier Pegatron to task over environmental concerns

China takes iPhone supplier Pegatron to task over environmental concerns

iPhone manufacturer Pegatron and several of its subsidiaries in China have come under fire over environmental concerns recently and are working to address them, according to a report by DigiTimes.

Three of Pegatron’s subsidiaries were found to be spewing harmful gases in the air in a recent environmental report and the manufacturing firm said that it had already begun purchasing equipment to bring down the levels of air and noise pollution at one of its factories.

The Chinese government has levied fines on the iPhone manufacturer for producing too much polluted water at two of its subsidiaries and Pegatron is currently holding a dialogue with the government and the local residents to soothe their concerns.

Apple is no stranger to environmental and safety concerns regarding its suppliers in China. Only recently, Catcher Technology, the supplier of unibody casings for the company’s notebooks, saw its manufacturing plant being shut down after it was found guilty of emitting foul odours into the atmosphere. The manufacturer hopes to resume operations in November.

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