Apple files countersuit against Samsung in the UK

Apple files countersuit against Samsung in the UK

It appears there are no limits to the legal fight between Apple and Samsung after the Cupertino-based company filed a countersuit against Samsung in a UK court, accusing the Korean vendor of copying its iPhone and iPad product designs.

According to ZDNet UK, Samsung acknowledged the countersuit, explaining that it was action in response to its original High Court filing back in June. Whilst the patents in question remain unknown, they are thought to be related to specific software operation patents and the design of the iPad and iPhone.

The new filing means Apple and Samsung are now fighting 20 separate patent lawsuits across the world, both accusing each other of infringing their intellectual property.

On Tuesday, the Korean electronics giant appealed an injunction placed upon sales and imports of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 device in Germany, filing an appeal with the Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court. Samsung did not indice what its appeal will be based on but follows a statement last Friday that it would fight the ruling, which banneed it from distributing the device in Germany and selling it via its German unit across the whole of the European Union.

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