The iPad stand that’s also a speaker amp [awesome]

The iPad stand that’s also a speaker amp [awesome]

As a vault of seemingly endless blog worthy ideas, Kickstarter never fails.

Behold “The Pocket Stand,” a minimalist iPad accessory that is both a multi-configuration stand and a sound-tested, high-quality speaker amplifier. Ultimately, the device allows you to gain extra functionality without sacrificing the mobility inherent of the iPad.

The Pocket Stand, which also functions as a bottle opener was created by two friends from L.A., developer Michael Paek and architect Sam Chan. The guys recently launched their 30 day Kickstarter campaign last week and are hovering just below $1,000. User funding starts at $20, which will snag a pre-order for a Pocket Stand.

Chan and Paek are hoping to raise $15,000 with Kickstarter to help cover the healthy setup costs associated with a 2-piece injection molding in the States. The device measures 2.5” in length x 2.3” width x 0.65” height and is made of a rubber-like polymer. Its funding price is $20 including shipping within the continental US. The project ends March 19th at midnight. Donate here.

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