A New iPhone Stand Designed for Video Calling

A New iPhone Stand Designed for Video Calling

Vyne, designed by Clint Spencer and Ryan Eder, aims to make the business of video calling on the iPhone more comfortable.

The Vyne is a concept design and it appears to wrap around your neck like a snake, making it hands-free so you’re able to chill back on the couch.  It’s an interesting design and it might be helpful to use while watching media, specifically when you’re in a confined place such as a plane seat.

As we’d mentioned, this is just a concept and they’re not on the market just yet. What do you think? Would you buy one?

Vyne is a hands-free viewing accessory for the smartphone. It is designed to be worn sitting down in a stationary position for viewing media content for an extended period of time.  Constructed of a flexible elastomer neck and plastic clip, Vyne allows users to easily watch movies, slideshows, and video calls in a variety of configurations & locations with maximum comfort and minimum fatigue.

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