Latest iOS SDK confirms existence of iPad 2 camera

Latest iOS SDK confirms existence of iPad 2 camera

If you didn’t need any further proof that Apple would be integrating a camera (or cameras) into the iPad 2, the latest SDK for Apple’s iOS operating system includes camera graphics and shutter images specifically designed for the iPad, all but confirming the iPad 2 allow you to take photos and videos.

9to5mac opened up the SDK and found four images, icons and screens that are exact copies of the iPhone images but are designed to display on the higher resolution of an iPad screen. The camera shutter images come in at 1024 x 768, which is the same resolution as the current iPad. Whether this implies that the iPad 2 will not ship with a higher resolution display remains to be seen, after-all the SDK is still in beta and could be subject to change.

Apple could well update the images used by the camera application, rumours suggest Apple could announce the iPad 2 later this month meaning it still has time, but if it doesn’t Apple fans could be disappointed by the fact the screen has not been updated to deliver a sharper resolution.

Do you think Apple would purposefully not update its iPad screen or are the images serving as a placeholder until the real graphics are generated? Let us know in the comments.

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