iTunes 10 is Now Available for Download

iTunes 10 is Now Available for Download

Read updates first.

When officially out, you will be able to download iTunes 10 here, details of the release here and Apple’s new social network “Ping” here.

Update: Although the site appears to show the download link for iTunes 10, the download itself is still 9.2.1. Bear with us, as soon as the downloadable file shows 10, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Update 2: Looking for the download link? Upon unzipping the files, although the zip file AND package show iTunesX, it is still iTunes 9.2.1 – our humblest apologies. Bear with us, we’re just as excited as you

Update 3: It’s finally here! Promise. (Keep refreshing if it still says 9.1.2, or try a different browser.

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