Worlds First iPad In-Flight Entertainment System is Announced

Worlds First iPad In-Flight Entertainment System is Announced

So more positive press coverage for the iPad. Not surprising really, the device is a magnificent piece of kit, albeit a little limited.

Anyhow, this time it’s news of a company that you’ve probably never heard of before: Bluebox Avionics delivering technology to make it possible to integrate the iPad into their next in-flight entertainment solution. HotHardware reports that Bluebox is a company that helps create and implement the in-flight entertainment solutions you see on long-haul flights, and the Bluebox Ai solution, it’s upcoming product release, involves the iPad.

So how is Bluebox creating the “world’s first iPad in-flight entertainment system”? They’re keeping schtum, but we can imagine it might involve handing out iPads to all passengers connected up to the existing in-flight entertainment system or of course merely a way for you to connect your own iPad into the in-flight system.

Whether this “takes off” (sorry) is another matter. We have no real idea what Bluebox have up their sleeve but irrespective we’re writing about, you’re reading about it and it’s good bit of marketing for the company.

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