iPad 3G To Ship In The US By May 7th [Updated]

iPad 3G To Ship In The US By May 7th [Updated]

Updated: Apple has updated its online store clarifying when customers can expect a new order for the iPad 3G to be fulfilled, citing deliveries will ship “by May 7th”, if you were to order a device today.

A dedicated delivery date will please the thousands of people who are looking to purchase the 3G enabled model but the news will not be any consolation to international customers who are still waiting to be able to purchase their devices, let alone getting their hands on any form of an Apple iPad.

Customers who pre-ordered the iPad when Apple launched it’s pricing structure will still see their orders fulfilled by “late April”.

US customers will need an AT&T 3G data plan to use their iPad on the move. A 250MB monthly data plan will cost $14.99 and an unlimited data plan is priced at $29.99, customers will not be tied into a contract.

O2, Orange and Vodafone have confirmed they will be offering the iPad to UK customers, where the launch date has been pushed back to late May due to overwhelming demand in the US.

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