Sources: Apple Tablet is “the iPhone on Steroids”

Sources: Apple Tablet is “the iPhone on Steroids”

apple-tablet-rumour-roundupThe Apple Tablet, expected to arrive on the 26th (although no one knows for sure), is the “iPhone on steroids” according to sources over at Boy Genius Report.

Their sources claim:

• The tablet’s multi-touch gestures are “out of control.”
• It’s powered by an incredibly fast ARM CPU
• It runs on the iPhone kernel.
• The internal model number is K48AP.
• There hasn’t been an updated iPhone OS build because there’s too much tablet-related code/references in the OS and Apple obviously didn’t want that to leak. Oops.
• The tablet is basically an “iPhone on steroids.”

Let’s hope iPhone on steroids means slicker, faster and more powerful, rather than chunkier, heavier and frequently requiring a recharge.

Again, regardless of how normally reliable Boy Genius Report reports are, take this with a pinch of salt. If you’re interested in an illustrated review of the rumors to date have a click of the image to the right.

Image Credit: via Mashable

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