The Next Web Podcast – Episode 28: It’s Alive!

The Next Web Podcast – Episode 28: It’s Alive!

We take a look this week at what the world would be like if Facebook owned your phone. We’ll also talk about what happens when you give a kid a Kindle and much more. Oh, and this is also the first time that we’ve done the podcast in front of a live audience, so give us your thoughts.

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On this week’s show: Brad McCarty (Nashville),  Alex Wilhelm (Chicago), Chad Catacchio (Los Angeles), Michael Backes (Hamburg) and Tris Hussey (Vancouver)

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In this week’s episode:

5 trends that will shape the next few years of social media

Twitter security flaw allows third-party sites to open on mouseover

US School Replaces Textbooks With Kindles, Students Go Crazy

Rumor: Facebook Is Forging Its Own Mobile Handset and OS

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