The Next Web’s Weekly Recap: All about the Buzz

The Next Web’s Weekly Recap: All about the Buzz

The Next Web's Weekly RecapWelcome to The Next Web’s Weekly Recap. Make sure to check out The Next Web’s Podcast (iTunes or XML) where we analyze, rant and have fun with the weekly tech news. Also, make sure to check out The Next Web Conference 2010 (the datesthe vibebuy tickets).

This week’s news was dominated by Google Buzz. Google’s latest product offering aggregates your activity across your social networks and brings the stream of activity inside Gmail.

The Next Web PodcastThe Next Web Weekly Podcast: Episode 8

On this week’s show Fawzi Rahal (Beirut), Kristin Marshall (Seattle), Matt Brian (Essex) and Michael Backes (Hamburg) discuss, analyze and rant about Google Buzz, Facebook email, social media trust and much more.

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Google BuzzGoogle Buzz

The week started with rumors that Google was introducing a Twitter or FriendFeed like service within Gmail. Dave Winer was quick to point out things that were needed if Google’s creation was to truly be a “Twitter killer”. On Tuesday, Google officially announced a new product called Google Buzz.

The announcement was followed by a flood of commentary on how Google’s entry into the social space was going to effect companies like Facebook and Twitter. Alex had a great post discussing these very issues. While the initial positive reaction is great news for Google, Martin explores the potential identity issue that Google Buzz faces. How do you feel about Google Buzz? Vote here.

After the initial excitement had passed, many quickly became concerned over more noise in one’s inbox. Google responded to these complaints noting that it would not be removing buzz from Gmail. Google has been quick to react to feedback however as they have already addressed a concern about Buzz regarding privacy issues.

Ready to get started on Buzz? First become a verified user and then check out our Unofficial Guide to Google Buzz.

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