TechCrunch hacked again. This hacker is angry.

TechCrunch hacked again. This hacker is angry.

Picture 7Technology blog Techcrunch has been hacked again. Twice in the space of 24 hours.

Reports were that the first occurrence wasn’t a hacking at all but rather a buggy file that had been uploaded into the comments section of the blog. Judging by the comments on the header of the blog now however (screenshot below), Techcrunch has made an enemy who is hell bell on causing trouble.

The hacker references Techcrunch’s latest advertising run, their boldest yet, which pushes users to an interstitial ad.

The hacker’s message in full:

“So Arrington, how much did all the media coverage yesterday brought you in trough the welcome.html ad you forced people to? What a fucking retarded move was that you twat. You should be thanking me and sucking on my fucking ballsack for not deleting everyone on the box and publishing the mysql, if that’s what you want O.K, I can do that. Also, you fucking dickwads from sites like Yahoo!, BBC and plenty more, where the FUCK do you see adult content on ???????? I mean honestly, are you fucktards also in just for the money?!?!?!”

Jesse (in the comments) rightly mentions that to add text to the header, access to the server isn’t required, it just needs wordpress admin access. It’s therefore possible that this is someone with an existing login or access to someone else’s.

Picture 6

Update 2:

The site in its entirely has been taken down once again with a “we’ll be back shortly” message.

Update 3:

The site is back up again. Let’s hope it stays this way.

Update 4:

Up and down at the moment – frequent database errors.

And every post URL takes the visitor to a 404.

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