Bing To Rocket Its Market Share With New HP Deal

Bing To Rocket Its Market Share With New HP Deal

Guess which computer company and search engine just came out of the closet holding hands? It was the new Bing, and the giant HP, beaming all the way.

Bing, which is now going to become the default search engine on all HP computers from here on out. That grinding sound was the search landscape rearranging slightly.

Now with its new partner, Bing can begin to chip away at the mainstream crowd in new ways. Now when a youth gets their first computer, they will start with Bing, not Google. Get them while they are young, as they say.

My estimate: Bing is going to grow by rapidly with this deal. HP sells millions of computers a quarter; they are the number one seller of personal computers. That means that Bing will literally have tens of millions of new users in the coming months.

Prediction: Bing grows 5% in the next 6 months. That will put Bing in and around 15%, and if that rate continues, Bing could crack 20% by next Jauaray.

This is the Trojan horse that Microsoft is going to ride all the way to the number two search slot. What do you think, will Bing be able to begin to chip away at Google’s mindshare with this new deal?

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