Rackspace Seems To Be Back Up – Internet Returns To Normal

Rackspace Seems To Be Back Up – Internet Returns To Normal

Rackspace is back up, thank the heavens. Read the post to watch the comedy.

Final update, good commenter Alex (not me) has linked us to a very excellent graph that shows the downtime in graph form. Enjoy:

racjspace fail

Rackspace, the popular webhost is down at the moment. We have confirmed word from Robert Scoble, a Rackspace employee:


You can find more information by following the Twitter search here. There is no word from @rackspace yet. TechCrunch, Threadless, and many others are down. We will keep you posted.

– Update 1 –

According to retweeted tweets by Scoble, not just the cloud is down, but also the dedicated servers. Not good.

– Update 2 –

There is still no word from @rackspace. Mashable also seems to have gone down, and perhaps 37Signals, according to some tweets.

– Update 3 –

Rackspace says the following on Status.Rackspacecloud.com: “As of 3:45 PM CST, we are currently experiencing an issue within our Dallas / Fort Worth data center. We are investigating the issue and will post an update momentarily. UPDATE: As of 3:55 PM CST, to clarify: This is a networking issue affecting Cloud Sites in our DFW data center.”

A big thank you to Robert Scoble for helping keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on. He was first to get it pushed out to the world. Well done, Scoble as usual does it right.

– Update 4 –

From Rackspace: UPDATE: As of 4:05 PM CST, networking engineers are quickly working to address this issue. We should have a resolution shortly.

– Update 5-

The latest from Rackspace:

UPDATE: As of 4:14 PM CST, another point of clarification: This is not a power issue in DFW, all power is confirmed up and has not been down.  This is a networking issue.

A small word of condolence to our lovely compatriots Mashable and TechCrunch. But I must say, that we are enjoying the traffic at their expense.

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