Startup Funding Roundup – Emo Labs, Cloudshare, 5:1 All Land Cash

Startup Funding Roundup – Emo Labs, Cloudshare, 5:1 All Land Cash

vc (1)The valley is alive again with money flowing like it once did, at least to some startups. In the past few days Cloudshare, 5:1, and Emo Labs have all added cash.

It is always very heartening to see startups getting the cash that they need, and hopefully deserve. It means that there are new ideas, new entrepreneurs, and funds willing to bet the risk. Let’s take a look.

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5:1, a #TC50 finalist took on 1.8 million dollars. This is an extension of their previous round of 4.5 million. The cash will give them more time to hit cash neutrality, and grow.

Cloudshare raised a whopping ten million dollars, with total funding now at 16 million, from a number of VC’s including the ever powerful Sequoia. Cloudshare is going somewhere fast, if Sequoia’s reputation is to be trusted.

Finally, Emo Labs, the co-victor of DEMO this year, has raised another 1.5 million dollars. Apperently invisible speakers are going to be a hit after all.

That is the latest, more as it comes. Keep your chin up valley, life isn’t so bad. That is, if you have a killer idea.

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