Apple To Buy Lala? [Confirmed, It Happened!]

Apple To Buy Lala? [Confirmed, It Happened!]


Great news everyone – this has happened, with the WSJ, NYT, and Mashable confirming it. According to the WSJ the price was low, and the investors lost.

Apple, the music giant and worlds largest retailer of music is in talks to acquire LaLa, the popular music service, according to Bloomberg.

Google of course has a working relationship with LaLa to play parts of songs in Google searches. Apple could find nearly endless synergies with LaLa which has one of the more innovative business plans in the musical world.

LaLa has been growing like a weed in recent months, reaching some half million people in the last month, according to Compete.

Apple of course has focused its efforts away from integration, something that Lala does, instead working on creating the most complete music store, in the world. Of course, Lala is no slouch in content, with access to some 8 million tracks.

Lala would add a much greater depth to Apple’s music offerings, away from the comoditzed space of selling tracks.

For the time being, we do not have details past that talks are happening between Apple and the investors of Lala. Bain and Ignition are said to be the major players.

– We are updating, more as it comes –Apple has the cash to make the purchase, with a reported thiry billion dollars in the bank at the moment. Also, their stock price has been on a record run, doubling this year to nearly $200 a share.

There have been no rumored price numbers for the startup. Lala has raised 35 million dollars to date, according to Crunchbase.

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