Google’s speed mission continues with Public DNS

Google’s speed mission continues with Public DNS

google_logoGoogle seems to be on a mission to speed up the internet at the moment. Today that continues with the launch of Google Public DNS.

DNS is the “switchboard” of the web, making sure that URLs get you to the right place. Each time you load a web page lots of behind-the-scenes look-ups take place. Google reckons it can do it faster and better than the current servers out there and has launched it’s own version that’s build for speed.

In addition to being faster, Google is claiming that Public DNS is more secure. It has been designed to combat DNS spoofing and Denial of Service attacks.

If you want to give Google’s DNS service a try you can follow the instructions here. Just make sure you keep a record of your current settings in case you want to change back.

Public DNS follows other recent Google announcements aimed at speeding up the web. It has its own scripting language called Go in the works, a speed-focused site analysis tool, a simpler homepage and it even wants to replace the HTTP protocol with its own faster alternative, SPDY.

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