The Virtual Thanksgiving Guide From TheNextWeb

The Virtual Thanksgiving Guide From TheNextWeb

wild_turkeyHappy Thanksgiving everyone, whether if you celebrate the holiday or not. For those of you not partaking in the wonderful excuse to eat too much, I have built you a small list of things to do online to allow you some involvement in the holiday.

So, if you will, TheNextWeb’s guide to a merry, non culinary, online Thanksgiving.

To begin, you must go turkey hunting, but virtually. There is a wonderful game for that, that you can find here. It looks like this:


Now that you have secured your provisions, you need to find some people to eat with. Head over to Google and run this search, that should take care of that.

You now have company, and food, all just while sitting at your desk. You probably now need some place to host and eat. Fortunately, real estate prices around the world have taken it on the chin. Go ahead and buy a house here, it will suffice.

Once you have finished your wonderful digital meal, in your virtual house, with your pixellated turkeys, there is nothing left to do but have a beer and watch a (American) football game.

Here, have some drinks and the television guide. There you have it! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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