Give Me Two Minutes To Tell You Why Cyworld US Failed

Give Me Two Minutes To Tell You Why Cyworld US Failed

I got this email last night around 9:25pm EST.

Thank you to all members with Cyworld.

Due to Cyworld shuts down US service, US Cyworld will no longer be able to service.
We sincerely apologize for shutting down the service with unavoidable reason.
Before US cyworld close the service, you will continue to access to US cyworld contents but not
purchase items. Also, you will not use your acorns.
If you have unused acorns, you will be given a full refund for paid acorns only.

Refunds and data backup service is in progress, using the acorn will no longer be able to purchase for miniroom items, skins, etc.

@ Schedule for closing US Cyworld service

Due to Data Back-up and closing service issues, the service will be unavailable.

* Shop service will be unavailable since Nov 03, 2009
o Club service, Profile photo/data upload serivce will be unavailable since Nov 23, 2009

cyworld bye bye 2

I knew immediately that it had come from Korea. Why? The English, while not horrendous, isn’t good. It’s a pretty ingrained habit in Korean business that people don’t ask for the most basic of help when it comes to proofreading English. That’s why Korea is constantly laughed at for its Engrish. The problem this time? Not asking someone to proofread this letter (or, as my experience has gone, getting someone to proofread the letter and then ignoring their feedback.)

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