Music fans rejoice: Hype Machine planning iPhone app

Music fans rejoice: Hype Machine planning iPhone app

Hype MachineGood news for keen music fans – influential music blog aggregator The Hype Machine is working on an iPhone app.

Speaking at the In The City music conference in Manchester, UK, on Sunday, the site’s founder Anthony Volodkin discussed his plans for an iPhone app that would provide a “radio-like” experience with royalties for the music paid for by charging for the initial download of the app. There’s no word on when this would be released as of yet.

After the Swedish Pirate Party’s leader had been threatened with being burnt at the stake a few hours earlier, you could forgive Volodkin for being wary of taking to the stage. He didn’t need to worry, the assembled music industry representatives went much easier on him, despite the Hype Machine aggregating MP3s from music blogs that are often unauthorised.

Despite its success The Hype Machine is still independent. This is simply down to the fact that the right deal has yet to arrive. Offers in the past simply related to improving advertising for the service, something the Hype Machine team feel they can do themselves. Volodkin remains open to offers.

Here’s a video clip of Volodkin discussing the iPhone app plans with Drowned In Sound founder Sean Adams.


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