Foursquare Launches In 15 New Cities

Foursquare Launches In 15 New Cities


You must have heard of Foursquare, we have been talking about it nearly non stop for several weeks. If you have not tired of the news, we have a new tidbit for you. If you have been waiting for your chance to give Foursquare a try, good news, Foursquare is launching in 15 new cities today, according to a Mashable exclusive, written by Jennifer Van Grove.

Of course, if you are still not living among these 15 news cities, the trend is now set: Foursquare is on an aggressive global roll out.  Wait if you must, but wait with the knowledge that acceptance is just around the corner. Or, if you felt so inclined, you could just move to a city that has Foursquare, and join the rest of us. Here are the newly included cities:


Montreal, Canada

Toronto, Canada

United States;

Baltimore, MD

Indianapolis, IN

Kansas City, MO

Cleveland, OH

Milwaukee, WI

New Orleans, LA

Omaha, NE

Pittsburgh, PA

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Richmond, VA

Salt Lake City, UT

San Antonio, TX

St. Louis, MO

It is great to see more North American cities in the mix, but with the recent addition of London to the Foursquare roster, launching in this many non-European cities right after smacks of bait and switch. Feel free to follow Fourquare on Twitter, and tell them what you think.

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