You Know You’re A Cool Geek When….

You Know You’re A Cool Geek When….

CoolGeek_thumbYou know you’re a Cool Geek when:

1. You live tweet from the hospital while your son is about to be born.

2. You read hundreds of RSS feeds every day and act as a human filter to select the best of them for your followers.

3. You are smart not to read hundreds of RSS feeds every day, but know who to follow to get the best posts.

4. You have not one, not two, but three Twitter accounts to develop a meaningful community on Twitter.

5. You have a separate Twitter account just to tweet your shared items from Google Reader, and it already has 200+ followers.

6. While half the world isn’t yet aware of it, hundreds of thousands are still waiting for an invite to get in it, and only a handful have access to it, you blog about 11 Google Wave Tools You May Not Know Exist.

7. You would like FeedBurner to give you exact subscriber statistics that are not inflated with meaningless FriendFeed subscriptions.

8. You scan hundreds of geeky tweets every day, and take pains to favorite the ones you like, so that others can benefit from your filtering just by following a separate Twitter account.

9. You blog about What To Do When Twitter Goes Down?, in which you tell readers not to blog about Twitter going down and getting a real life.

10. The best idea you can come up with for your birthday wish list is asking your friends for OPML files as gifts.

11. You blog about apps you like, and hope that your blog posts get you access to early previews.

12. You blog about how to use software to repeatedly open and close the CD-ROM drive tray in your PC to automatically put a baby to sleep.

13. In a 140 character tweet, you cram links to 3 blog posts that effectively say everything that has to be said about a topic.

14. You manage to find and purchase a .com domain with the word “geek”, as late as 2009 (self-confession!).

15. You already knew about most of the examples in this list.

    These are simply illustrative examples I came across. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

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