6Rounds brings video conversation to Google Wave

6Rounds brings video conversation to Google Wave

6rounds-LogoSlowly but surely Google Wave is opening up, and with it, the announcement of official partners and extensions that will officially be included it its release.

One such extension comes from the team at 6Rounds who have built a phenomenal social video platform that we raved about when we were invited to try it out.

The Israel based company were in touch with us again today to share the good news that they’d be selected as one of Google Wave’s first featured extensions. This means 6rounds will have the opportunity to serve as Wave’s one and only live meeting point with a real-time web collaboration platform, through video.

Real time web collaboration through video doesn’t merely involve merely sitting in front of a camera Skype-style discussing meeting notes. 6Rounds does things differently, letting you browse websites together, watch movies, play games and interact on a level really not seen before.

“Video chatting in Wave was a top requested feature,” said Lars Rasmussen, Engineering Manager at Google. “The 6rounds extension brings another level of collaboration to Google Wave and we’re excited to see how people use it.”

A quick watch of the video embedded below will help you appreciate the possibilities. Watch it, it’s worth it.

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