Move over Segway, here comes the U3-X (which can actually move over)

Move over Segway, here comes the U3-X (which can actually move over)

Honda has developed a very interesting motorized personal transportation device. It seems to be a cross between a unicycle, a Segway, and an ASIMO. It has omni-directional driving wheel system which means t can move forward and backwards and sideways too. Moving forward is as easy as leaning forward and steering left or right goes automatically as you lean left or right.

I loved the concept of the Segway but could never get used to the steering wheel. I have been riding a bicycle since I was 6 so I’m used to my bike going to the right when I turn the wheel. The steering wheel of the Segway always stays the same, even when you turn a corner. It doesn’t feel natural at all. Even though every Segway owner tells me it is.

The device is not for sale though and Honda is currently doing “experiments in a real-world environment to verify the practicality of the device” which is corporate speak for “got it to work long enough to make this video but is useless for anything else”.

Still, I love the concept. If they can get this working I imagine it being only a few years away until we can buy a working hoverboard.

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