Posterous Gets Themes! (PS.Tumblr themes work too…)

Posterous Gets Themes! (PS.Tumblr themes work too…)

Picture 5One of our favorite startups of 2009, Posterous, has received a major update…Themes!

Up until now, the site has offered just the one clean Posterous theme, and whilst it did the job, for the majority of internet users used to customizing profiles and blogs, it just didn’t cut it. Themes have always been high on the list of priorities for the San Francisco based YCombinator startup,  but it’s been a long time coming. Today, that changes, and Tumblr should be knocking their knees because this takes one giant bite out of their USP.

The details:

  • Users can select from 5 built-in themes, including one designed by blog theme designer Bill Israel
  • Theme designers can allow users to select colors and upload a header image, no coding required
  • Advanced users who want to fully customize using HTML/CSS absolutely can. Our templating engine is custom written and supports Tumblr theme formats!
  • Thousands of beautiful Tumblr themes now can be used on Posterous blogs!
  • Tumblr themes don’t have commenting and favoriting, but it’s trivial 2 or 3 lines to add that capability
  • People who want to switch from Tumblr can do so easily at
  • More themes are on their way — we wanted to get this functionality out as soon as it was ready. Theme Garden is also coming in the very near future.
  • Users can try it RIGHT NOW by going to their Site Settings page.

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