Twitter makes more design refinements (updated)

Twitter makes more design refinements (updated)

Picture 25Twitter isn’t known for making frequent design alterations to the site nor anything particularly major when they do. That said, over recent weeks the site had made a number of design refinements, the most significant being the homepage redesign.

One noticeable area that didn’t see any sign of change was the sign up/login form that followed the homepage. Now, although Twitter has still yet to do anything drastic, the background to the sign-up/login form has been replaced, along with the default Twitter background once you’ve created your account. The following/followers/tweets figures have also been given a crisper text formatting – helvetica I believe?

Default avatars have also been changed to a slightly more modern and colorful range. And the 404 page and suspended acccounts pages have also been redesigned completely.

Sign Up

Picture 20

404 Error

Picture 23

Suspended Accounts

Picture 24

Thanks Simon!

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