The iPhone camera is more than a horseless carriage

The iPhone camera is more than a horseless carriage

We all know the iPhone is a huge success. And that might even be an understatement. But now it hasn’t only become the most popular smart phone in the world but also the most popular digital camera. At least, according to data from Flickr:

Flickr: Camera Finder

As you can see the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi has long been the most popular camera to upload photos but recently its usage has been declining and the iPhone is very quickly catching up. It is pretty amazing to have a gadget rule two completely different product categories. I also wonder what this means for the future of digital cameras.

oldsgasWhen the first cars were built they were simply horse drawn buggies with an engine stacked on. The first cars was basically horseless carriages. It took decades for the car to transform from horseless carriage to a whole new form; the Automobile.

Digital camera’s are mostly stuck in the ‘Filmless Camera’ stage. One day it will be pretty funny to describe a photo camera as ‘digital’ as there won’t be any other form. Once we leave the analog camera paradigm and make a real switch over to the digital era we will start seeing completely different for factors and functions.

The iPhone is now showing us what it means when we combine technology. The camera isn’t ‘just’ a lens stuck to an iPhone. The fact that you always carry your iPhone, it is always connected to the web and always knows where you are makes it far more effective and efficient than ordinary digital camera’s that is isn’t surprising that it is quickly becoming the most popular camera.

This shift in our perspective of photography and photo cameras is very exciting and I can’t wait to find out what it will lead to.

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