Easiest iPhone OS 3 Tethering Enabling Trick!

Easiest iPhone OS 3 Tethering Enabling Trick!

iPhone Tethering HackAre you based in the U.S.A, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands or Switzerland and is your iPhone upgraded to Firmware version 3.0? Then all you need to do is visit this URL to enable Tethering on your iPhone. No hacking, jailbreaking or any of that scary stuff. Just visit this url, on your iPhone!


Then carefully read the instructions, click a few magic buttons and restart your iPhone. You will be able to surf the web on your Mac via the 3G connection of your iPhone. The speed will be limited to the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Mac AND you should go easy on those downloads so you don’t wake up your Mobile Provider.

But hey, you will be online! Here is a demo of how it works:

Oh, did I try it? Hello no! I’m way too scared to mess with MY iphone. I’m waiting for you to tell me that it didn’t crash and burn your iPhone and then MAYBE I will do it too. Maybe.

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