Twitter misses a trick as Facebook cleans up in MTV deal

Twitter misses a trick as Facebook cleans up in MTV deal

mtv_logoMTV has announced a fresh take on their old Total Request Live format that incorporates a heavy reliance on Social Media for audience interaction. The youth TV giant has engaged in formal partnerships with Twitter and Facebook for It’s On with Alexa Chung.

The host, who is well known in the UK as a former model-turned-presenter, is making her American debut in a show that will use Twitter on-screen to encourage the audience to get involved. Content from Facebook and Youtube will also be integral to the format.

What’s striking is that MTV’s partnership with Facebook involves a revenue-sharing deal that the Twitter deal doesn’t. Cnet reports that the Facebook deal includes selling “sponsorship packages that encompass both TV spots and social-media ads”.  The Twitter deal sees Twitter building a back-end for MTV to use without any money changing hands.

Now, you could argue that as Twitter is still ‘pre-revenue’ they’re more interested in building their reputation in the broadcast media business at the moment. That’s probably the case; after all this is the second Twitter-based TV show that’s come to light this week. Still, it must hurt Ev, Biz and co. a little to see Facebook brokering a sweet deal while they work for free.

It’s On with Alexa Chung launches on MTV in the USA on June 15th.

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