Destroyed, restored, destroyed Hugh MacLeod drawing

Destroyed, restored, destroyed Hugh MacLeod drawing

Hugh MacLeod by Anne Helmond
Hugh MacLeod by Anne Helmond

A few months ago I hosted a dinner at my place where Hugh MacLeod was a guest. His “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards” are beautiful and world famous. A few of my friends have drawings made specifically for them. Unfortunately I don’t have one.

That evening, as I was cleaning the room I found a ripped up business card underneath one of the dinner plates. It turned out to be a discarded drawing by Hugh MacLeod. I hid my treasure on a shelf somewhere and cleaned up the room.

Then I forgot about it.

Yesterday I was rearranging some stuff around the house and found a stack of ripped up papers. I threw the whole batch in a trash can. As I did that I suddenly noticed a familiar pattern on one of the snippets I just threw away. It was the MacLeod drawing!

I turned the trash can over and collected all the snippets from between the rubbish. Then I sat down at my desk and rearranged the snippets back into shape so I could see the drawing. I also made a quick photo with my iPhone. This is it:

Hugh MacLeod

[Hugh MacLeod: Penis 2.0]

This morning I wanted to take the drawing to the office to take a better photo to publish here. But it seems that this image just wasn’t meant to exist.

First MacLeod destroyed it.
But not good enough.
Then I forgot it.
But I found it again.
Then I threw it away.
But I recollected it from the trash can.

This morning the cleaning guy threw everything away thinking it was just old paper. he also took the bags out an they were taken away by the garbage men before I realized what had happened.

The whole story might almost be good enough to inspire a new cartoon.

Hugh? Please?

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