[Updated] The most followed account on Twitter @cnnbrk is NOT run by CNN [Things You Should Know]

[Updated] The most followed account on Twitter @cnnbrk is NOT run by CNN [Things You Should Know]


We have just confirmed with the owner of @cnnbrk that CNN have just acquired the account. Full report to follow here.


This has been a widely known fact for some time now, however a post (recently updated) over on TechCrunch about a race between Ashton Kutcher and CNN, made me think some people have been left unaware. The fact? cnnbrk, the most followed account on Twitter is not run, controlled or owned by CNN the news organisation.

So Who?

The account is actually controlled by James Cox, a British internet consultant and as you should notice there are no links to any CNN content. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem have been a tweet for some three days now – maybe not too much breaking news?


CNN not even in the top 100

In fact CNN aren’t even on the top 100 list of most followed Twitter accounts. The highest ranking news organisation appears to be the NY Times at 11 and 582.979 followers. However, Twitter will now remove or hand over Twitter accounts that violate copyright therefore CNN should be able to snap up the name from Cox without too much hassle if they choose to.

Kutcher however, possibly unaware, appears to be continuing the fight against CNN and/or Cox in an aim to reach his million follower target. He announces below that he will buy 10,000 bed nets to help fight malaria in third world countries. EA have also supported his cause by announcing they would give Kutcher’s millionth follower a character in a future EA game.


What’s more amusing is that Kutcher has brought CNN’s Larry King into the picture. King, who probably couldn’t care less, takes the time to jokingly mock Kutcher in a video posted below.

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