Twitter worm still not dead. Mikeyy’s contact details and photo (possibly) made public.

Twitter worm still not dead. Mikeyy’s contact details and photo (possibly) made public.

mikeyy-300x224Twitter’s latest breach, the StalkDaily twitter worm is in it’s fourth mutation and continuing to cause aggravation across Twitter.

The twitter team have continued to give vague reports of the issues being resolved, however it appears the worm is still very much alive and sneakier then ever.

Tweets such as these listed below have been posted giving tips as to how to remove the Mikeyy worm.

  • How TO remove new Mikeyy worm! RT!!
  • This worm is getting out of hand Twitter. – Mikeyy
  • Twitter, your community is going to be mad at you… – Mikeyy

They request you RT, but that then continues the spread of the worm.

Haklab gives further pointers as to how to remove the work from your profile:

1. Change your hex color/reset it
2. Change your bio and change the URL
3. DONT click on any profile that is suspicious and use another twitter client like TweetDeck instead of the Twitter website

Interview and His Contact Details

Tech site NetNewsDaily managed to grab an interview with Mikeyy in which he goes into details as to why he created the worm (boredom) and when he plans to stop (whenever Twitter can fix it). The best way to apparently keep yourself clean is to disable Javascript in your browser settings or just not visit Twitter altogether. Mooney also makes clear that Twitter have not contacted him about the matter.

Interestingly, someone has listed his contact details (including Address, parents contact details and his previous school) in the comments of the interview post – and since Mikeyy decided to post legal threats in the comments of this post, we’ll assume they are real.

On attempting to call Mikeyy, there was no response and neither one via IM (AIM). It’s difficult to say whether the contact details are genuine but they are pretty precise. His “mother’s” name, phone number and address appear in Google Phonebook, though again, it’s difficult to be sure how genuine. We’ll continue to dig and let you know what we come up with.

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