Spotify Users: Share Your Playlists at

Spotify Users: Share Your Playlists at

picture-107I was hopeful a service like this would appear on the scene sooner or later and thankfully, it was sooner.

ShareMyPlaylists lets Spotify users share, collaborate and, of course, discover discover playlists via a neatly designed and organised site.

The site currently categorises a total of 445 playlists and the site has only been live two weeks. All playlists are well categorised, there’s an an impressive range of “featured playlists” at the top of the homepage and also the site makes it easy to search for playlists via search in playlist descriptions.

Users adding playlists can add their own artwork for each playlist compilation, enhancing the overall feel of the site too.

To start listening to a playlist, simply click on “play now” under the album cover of your playlist of choice and it should automatically open the playlist is Spotify reading for you to play. The playlist will also appear in your sidebar until you decide to remove it.


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