Plugg announces 20 finalists

Plugg announces 20 finalists

Plugg announced the 20 finalist for their startup competition. The finalists will present during Plugg in Brussels on March 12th.

ApSynth (Calcul Plus) from France -

BeeBole from Belgium - 

Bubok from Spain –

Burt from Sweden –

ContextIn from Israel –

Desktop Reporting from Belgium –

DPIvision (CannyBill) from the UK –

Hammerkit from Finland –

iOpus (AlertFox) from Germany –

Jinni from Israel –

Mendeley from the UK –

Myngle from The Netherlands –

Nulaz from The Netherlands –

Plista from Germany –

SenseBoard from Sweden –

Silentale from France –

Snagsta from the UK –

SofaTutor from Germany –

Tailgate Technologies from the UK –

VinoGusto from Belgium –

The Next Web will be in Brussels to cover all interesting startups presenting at Plugg. It is a one day conference and there are still some early bird tickets for sale.

P.S. For all the startups out there, don’t forget to sign up for The Next Web Rising Sun Startup Rally and get your ticket to fame, funding and hyper exposure!

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