Bespin: A New Web Based Code Editor from Mozilla Labs

Bespin: A New Web Based Code Editor from Mozilla Labs

Nowadays there really is very little that we have been able to do on our desktop, that we aren’t able to do online. One area which has yet to have enjoyed that level of portability however is coding – that looks set to change.

Today, Mozilla have introduced probably the worlds first quality web based code editing tool and it goes by the name of Bespin

Bespin was designed to help make coding easier, slick, accessible from anywhere and collaborative, with this first release it appears they have taken great strides to achieving those goals.

The tool is fast, cleanly designed and what’s more – it’s ready to play with immediately. Some of the most impressive features include the following:

  • Integrated command-line
  • Fast
  • Collaborative editing
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Open source code base
  • A very nice dark color scheme
  • Innovative and productive file browser

All of the source code behind Bespin is being released as open source which should lead to some pretty dramatic improvements and changes in the short to medium term.

For now however, have a watch of the video below introducing Bespin or head over to Mozilla Labs and try it out for yourself – if you code, you’ll be impressed. There is also a Google Groups discussion group available for all your queries and issues.

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