The Phishing Scam Which Has Twitter Talking

The Phishing Scam Which Has Twitter Talking

9a713c683282416601e1e1d38efaa67fA phishing scam has Twitter talking this evening. Highlighted first by celebrity techie Chris Pirillo, the scam sends you a dm apparently from one of your friends quoting a blogspot URL you just “have to check out!”.

The message should be something along the lines of  “hey! check out this funny blog about you… jannawalitax . blogspot . com”

Clearly, DO NOT visit the URL as it redirects you to a random site with the standard twitter homepage design in the hope that you’ll type in your login detais…again, clearly, DO NOT type in your login details.

According to Pirillo, the phishing domain appears to be registered in China. Time for Twitter to realise it’s not just geek site anymore, they’re breaking the mold and filtering into the mainstream. Unfortunately, mainstream brings in the riffraff too.

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