Detect Fonts Quick and Easy with WhatTheFont

Detect Fonts Quick and Easy with WhatTheFont

a83da7b9dfafeffc18d429cc20c9718fWhatTheFont is a neat little tool from which does one thing and does it well, it detects fonts from images for you.

All you need to do is upload an image (or URL) sample of the font being used and WhatTheFont goes to work providing 3-5 possible options for what the font may be.

Take for example the font 37 Signals have used for the text on their homepage. I’ve always been a fan and that was the first to come to mind when selecting a font to detect.

1. I took a screenshot of that area of the page.

2. Uploaded the shot to WhatTheFont and after confirming the letters of both words, I was presented with the following options:


It has to be said, not bad – not bad at all. Clearly this isn’t a tool you’ll be using on a daily basis but it’s great to know it’s there and it works. Definitely one to bookmark.

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