Proper TV on your iPhone with Livestation

Proper TV on your iPhone with Livestation

img_0012Call it the beginning of a new era, or just another iPhone app. In the infamous area of mobile tv, one of the big promises of the mobile phone that doesn’t really seems to take off, Livestation comes with the first mobile tv app for the iPhone. The UK based company runs in closed beta during the festive period and tries to gain as much learnings from a small userbase that is testing the service in the coming days. Livestation already runs a TV app for PC/MAC in beta, and now they have managed to bring the same technology to the iPhone.

Who needs DVB-H anyway?

Being one of the lucky ones to test the Livestation app first I must say I had a real ‘wow’ experience when I opened the app first. Even on a 3G connection the app offers a seamless TV watching experience. Livestation really shows that watching mobile TV through an internet stream doesn’t have to be lagged and pixely and that, with mobile connections becoming faster and faster, there’s no real sense in building expensive DVB-H chips in phones anymore. And even from people owning Nokia’s DVB-H equipped N96, all I hear is complaints about the tv connection being too slow or not even working.

BBC World on Livestation

Russia Today and France 24!?

However, the available channels on Livestation are not the most appealing ones. Obscure titles like Euronews, Russia Today and France 24 aren’t my favourites to watch. But I have to say that watching BBC World News, ITN and Bloomberg Television can be a quite relaxing way to gain motivation for that decisive step out of the bed every morning. And who doesn’t want to watch astronauts working on their special space projects on NASA TV?

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