Status Update: The Next Web @ Le Web

Status Update: The Next Web @ Le Web

The Next Web Offices in Paris

I’m sure you know by now that we are present here in Paris at Le Web 08. We are trying our best to live blog the event and go to all the parties and events, just to keep YOU up to date. Really, that is the only reason why we are here, drinking fine wines, partying, eating delicious french food and having fun with all our international friends.


We are now seated right in front of the main stage and have noticed a few things:

– We are in a refrigerator here. The concrete floor is -15 °C, at least.
– Wi-Fi works. But only one out of every 7 minutes and at a whopping 0.5kb per second.
– The French (both men and women) are good looking
– There seem to be way less people than last year and the year before that
– There seem to be more parties planned this year
– We see a LARGE group of Dutch people.
– Most heard term on stage “I can’t comment on that”
– Marc Canter wears a bright yet silk shirt, as usual.
– Loic Le Meurs accent has improved slightly, but not as much as you’d expect from a year in the US
– We drank too much coffee.
– Some people don’t know what a fluffer girl is.
– Itay Talgan is funny, as usual!
– The connection between the presenters laptops and the beamer works, sometimes.

What did you notice at Le Web 08?
Let us know and follow us at Twitter for regular small updates.

Our work space here:

Our works space at le Web

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