How two students covered the India terrorist attack

How two students covered the India terrorist attack

You don’t need to be a big news corporation like CNN or BBC to cover breaking news. Dutch journalism students Loek Essers and Peter van der Ploeg proved that last night. The two used live blogging tool CoverItLive to cover the terrorist attack in India.


Loek and Peter started their live blog by adding some breaking news Twitter feeds. They added CNN, BBC and BreakingNewsOn. To enrich the coverage they posted some news themselves and added tweets of Twitter users in Mumbai. Later on the students found out that Indian news channel IBN was the source of most off the coverage news corporations like CNN used. IBN posted photo’s and video’s on their website which Loek and Peter embedded on their live blog.  Photo’s posted on Flickr were shown on the live blog too. 

Dutch newspaper

Journalism students Loek and Peter showed how easy the web and (live) blogging made it to cover breaking news.  And although the two started their live blog as an experiment they got rewarded. Dutch free newspaper De Pers used the live blog on their website.

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